Why management of pain is important?

Management of pain can include a lot of things like medications, painkillers, physical therapy, etc. This management is essential if you have been through an accident or surgery or simply have gone through an illness. In order to lead a normal and healthy life, pain needs to be reduced and managed. Only that way can we work on our daily life chores. Everyone should have knowledge about how pain can be managed at home. If medication is prescribed by your doctor, you need to understand how you can have that medication safely. 

When do you need to consult your physician/doctor?

-If you continue to experience pain regardless of taking any medications or having physical therapies, there is definitely something wrong which needs to be acknowledged. 

-If the medication is showing more side effects or making you more drowsy and sleepy than it should, consult your doctor. 

-If new pain is appearing somewhere else in your body.

What medications can be prescribed in pain relief therapy? 

-Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also referred to as NSAIDs are great for relieving pain, and reducing fever and inflammation. Ibuprofen is an NSAID. Apart from relieving pain, these drugs also have many side effects which can include stomach or kidney problems. If you are taking other drugs along with NSAIDs, it should be discussed with your doctor. 

-Acetaminophen is also used for relieving pain and fever. If taken without precaution, acetaminophen can cause liver damage which can be hazardous. Consult your doctor about the dosage and intake of acetaminophen before you can take it for pain relief. 

-Apart from taking drugs and painkillers, certain patches, creams, and gels are also used over the areas of the body in order to relieve the tissues of pain. 

-Certain opioids and narcotic medications are also available for pain relief. They are usually used for acute pain rather than chronic pains. Some narcotic medications may also contain acetaminophen which should not be taken without consulting your healthcare professional since acetaminophen can cause liver damage.

-Depression and anxiety come really commonly with pain. Doctors often prescribe anti-depressant and sedatives in order to reduce the symptoms of pain. 

-Muscle relaxants and steroids are used for the reduction of muscle spasms and to reduce inflammation respectively. 

How do you keep the intake of your prescription medicine safe?

-Always take your medicine as directed by your physician. It should be taken at the given time and at the required dosage. Too much medicine or taking it at the wrong time can be hazardous for your body.

-Do not suddenly withdraw medication if you have taking it for more than two weeks. This sudden withdrawal can prove very hazardous for your own body. 

-Keep all the side effects in check when you are taking a medicine. If the side effects are more than they should be or the medication is making you more drowsy than usual, consult your healthcare professional. 

-A very common side effect of prescription medication is constipation. While you are taking these medications, keep your food high in fiber, eat raw fruits and vegetables, etc.  Keep your body active at all times, excessive exercise can also help in reducing constipation. 

How can you manage pain apart from medications?

-In case of severe muscle spasms, use ice packs on the affected areas. They prove to be great pain relievers. Heat packs may also be used if you are experiencing muscle cramps. 

-Pain occurs in muscles when enough oxygen is not being supplied to the affected areas. Production of excess lactic produces the sensation of pain. Elevate the area of pain so blood can reach that area. 

-Aromatherapy is a great way to relieve pain and anxiety. Using essential oils from herbs and flowers, facials and baths can relax and calm your body. 

-It may sound strange but music can be a great way to elevate your mood and reduce pain. By listening to music, natural chemicals from our body are released which greatly help in reducing pain and bringing energy to our bodies.

-Sleeping in a comfortable position, having a comfortable pillow under your head, and taking sound sleep each night can be really great for the management of pain.