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You often don't want to go to the massage centers to get a relaxing and soothing massage here in Pakistan. Well, you do not need to worry now. Because, now, you can get the best massage service from Beautician which is one of the best providers of salon services at home in Pakistan. The good part is, that we provide other services as well in almost all the cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, and many more. You can get women massage easily now at your home with Beautician. You will have a soothing and calming time with our services for massage.

Massage Therapist - Massage has Positive Effects on a Lot of Medical Conditions.

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Full Body Massage Therapy (60 Minutes) Rs 2,500 Book Now
Full Body Massage Therapy (90 Minutes) Rs 3,500 Book Now
Stress Relief Full Body Massage (90 Minutes) Rs 3,500 Book Now
Deep Tissue Full Body Therapy (90 Minutes) Rs 3,500 Book Now
Head De-Stress Therapy (35 Minutes) Rs 1,200 Book Now
Anti Aging Body Scrub + Massage (90 Minutes) Rs 3,900 Book Now

Experience Home Service For Massage

Our service criteria here is that we give salon services at your home. You will have the best experience with our professional massage therapists who provide the best massage for women. We give women full body massage therapy in several types like deep tissue massage, stress relief massage, head de-stress therapy, and anti-aging body scrub and massage. All of these services have a specific time limit and rates according to the message type. We also offer services at your convenience.

We Send Professional Massage Therapists To Your Home

You do not have to worry about the kind of staff here at Beautician as we have the best and most trained staff for all services. Our staff is a perfectionist in providing services at your home. Our professional massage therapists are certified and do not make you feel uncomfortable during the session.They know how to put pressure on certain body parts to reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel relaxed. We have female staff having the best experience offering women body massage and other services as well. Beautician is a trust-worthy salon service company that aims for customer loyalty and utmost satisfaction.

We Are Available For Booking

Beautician is a salon services provider available all over Pakistan in different cities. We provide all kinds of beauty services including massage home service in which we send our best massage therapists to your home to give you a muscle-relaxing massage. We take care of your health by giving you safe services by following Covid-19 protocols. Our staff is fully vaccinated and wears a mask, as well as, sanitizes all the equipment used in the treatment. Hence, book an appointment for getting the best services of massage at your home. For details and queries, give us a call or visit our website for an appointment. We try to respond to each of our customers as soon as possible and never let you wait for a long time.  


You can always let us know about the issues you have related to the massage services provided by our experts. We are going to help you with the solution at the quickest so that you can enhance your experience with us and get the desired result. Our prime motive has always been your satisfaction so we ensure that the services are delivered keeping it in mind.

You can consider going for deep tissue massage service. With the help of this type of service, you can bid adieu to the sore muscles because of the hard pressure that is applied to the respective part of the body. It helps you relax and recover from all the issues you are having in lower back region. Our experts first understand the kind of problem you are having in the respective region and then proceed ahead with the service.

With the help of a head massage, you are going to be benefited from various prospects that can help you feel good about yourself. It helps you recover from issues like migraine, headache, blood pressure, enhances blood circulation, and also assist you recover from head and neck related stiffness. So, in this way head massage can help you if opted regularly. You can also let us know about the issues you are facing and we are going to assist you with the massage service keeping it in mind.

We make sure that all the dirt and dust caused due to the service is cleaned after it gets completed. So, you can breathe easy with experts from Beauticianz taking care of the same as they not only help you as per your convenience but make sure that the house is cleaned after the massage and spa treatment is completed. So, you can breathe easy us and focus on other important activities.

No! But, it is important that you consider taking the advisory from the doctor first and then proceeding ahead with the massage service. Our experts are going to help you with the same as per the instructions given and ensure that you are at complete comfort during the time of the massage service. Our massage services can help your body recover from the pain and enhance your chances of having hassle-free delivery.

We all know how massages helps in the process of blood circulation and if you consider going for a hot shower or bath after the massage will increase blood flow. So, if you combine the two procedures it can certainly make you feel dizzy. So, it is important that you take rest and then consider going for a shower. To know more, you can always consider taking the assistance of our experts.

It will be advised to adore something that can help you remain at complete comfort during the time of service. So, you must look for the dress where you don't have to worry about its wrinkles and it can keep you at complete comfort while the experts assist you with your needs of massage and spa at home. Wearing tight clothes can certainly make things very discomforting.

Massages are a great way to not only relax but also help your body rejuvenate. With regular hustle and bustle, there is possibility of your body getting tired. So, it is important that you give your body the opportunity to recover and be at its best regularly. It is recommended by the experts to consider having massage services at least twice a month as it helps your body be at its best all the time.

No! When you book your appointment with us, you get experts ready with all the arrangements at your given address accordingly. We make sure that you can remain at complete peace and comfort before, during, and after the services have been provided. You don't have to care about any aspect related to our massage service. We ensure that the services are delivered as per your expectations.

We, at Beauticianz can assist you with all types of massage services. You just need to let us know about the kind of massage service you need or we are going to assess the kind of problem you are facing and accordingly suggest you the best massage services that can help you recover quickly. With our experts, you can avail all types of massage services right from Thai massage to full body massage service at home.

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