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Acquire Professional Waxing At Home Service 

Women are really concerned about getting rid of unwanted hair. Waxing is the best way to remove body hair but you might not want to wait in the queues of the salon for getting this service. That’s why Beautician now offers their unique waxing at home service in all major cities of Pakistan. This is an excellent opportunity for both men and women who wish to take their hair out at their own pace. It can be daunting to go outside to remove your hair. We have made it so easy for you to get salon services at home at an affordable price that you can do this at your own place. 

Body Waxing - Don't Forget to Get Body Wax Before Going Out

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Fruit Rica - Full Body Rs 4000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Bikini Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Stomach Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Back Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Underarms Rs 400 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Arms Rs 850 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Legs Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Legs Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Body Rs 3,000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Bikini Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Stomach Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Back Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Underarms Rs 300 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Legs Rs 1250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Arms Rs 250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Legs Rs 500 Book Now
Full Face Hot Wax Rs 750 Book Now
Per Part Threading/ Hot Wax Rs 150 Book Now

Top-notch Waxing Hair Removal Service in Pakistan:

We offer amazing waxing at-home services at an economical price to let our customers take a chill pill and skip all hassles of waiting and spending extra. We started this project to help people feel more confident about themselves. Our certified professionals will use the highest quality resources to remove unwanted hair from your body without any irritation. 
We are proud to have started this project in order to provide equal opportunities for both the public and private sectors. We wanted to make our business more resilient due to the recent pandemics and other waves.

Avail Of Great Waxing Services at Beautician

We are available all over Pakistan for face waxing as well. Our beauticians didn't want to restrict its reachability so we can be reached even in all the major cities of Pakistan. We offer a variety of waxing options to suit your needs.Our professionals will do their best by using the highest quality body wax and premium overall equipment. They have been trained to perfection. They have been taught to only execute effective, painless methods for waxing. The team is therefore well-informed. 

Waxes That Achieve Excellence 

We offer many types of waxing like sugar waxing and fruit Rica waxing. The best wax Beautician offers is Rica wax. Before proceeding with the procedure, our team will ask you about your skin type. Rica wax is a one-of-a-kind product that is suitable for all skin types. 
To make an appointment, all you have to do to call us is to give us a phone call. We can do any type of waxing at your home. Beautician takes strict safety measures for the safety of customers and employees in this era of a pandemic. Our team will also bring masks, gloves, and sanitizers. All our tools are sanitized properly before and after usage. Rest assured, you will be safe from any risks of Coronavirus infection because our staff is fully vaccinated as well. 


With waxing at home, you never have to worry about any issue. The experts are going to be at your place and ensure that the products used are also as per your specifications. They make sure that you are at complete comfort during the time of service and get the desired rest after it has been completed. While being at home, you have nothing to worry about so the end result is also going to be in your favour.

The primary difference between the sugar and fruit wax is that the paste is made using the respective product. You can always let us know about the kind of wax you want us to use and we are going to assist you with the same. We make sure that the services are provided as per your convenience that can help you achieve the desired result without any hassle.

Yes! You can always let us know about the product that you desire to be used. Our prime motive has always been to help you with the services that matches your expectations and help you with the desired results. We are going to understand the kind of products you are looking to use for the respective result. So, you can breathe easy and get the results without any side-effects.

It is important that you avoid bathing from warm water, wearing tight clothes, and also ensuring that the products used are matching to your skin. These are the important aspects that needs to be followed to get the waxing done. If you desire to know anything more, then you can always consider connecting with the experts at Beauticianz as they are going to guide you about it and make it easy for you to deal with it.

Before getting started with the waxing service, it is important that you understand the product that can suit your skin the most and also make sure to wear comfortable clothes. With us, you never have to worry about anything. We are going to guide you about all the steps that needs to be followed to get your waxing done to perfection. So, get your appointment fixed with us now!

No, if done correctly. If you are getting your waxing done from someone not experienced, then there is a high possibility of it ending in painful session. But, if you connect with our experts for your needs of waxing service at home, then you have nothing to worry about. Our experts understand the kind of waxing service can suit you and then help you with the service accordingly. This ensures that the experience is painless and at your comfort.

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