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Get Unique Designs By The Best Mehndi Artist In Pakistan

Mehndi is the first thing to come up when there is a function. You don't have to worry because Beautician provides the best service. We provide at-home services from the best mehndi artist in Pakistan.  We offer many different mehndi designs. We are available in all areas. We can be reached in many cities around Pakistan. Our mehndi at home service is truly one-of-a-kind. We have the best-certified mehndi artists

Mehndi Artist - There Are Moments You Can’t Put into Words, Just Decorate it With Mehndi.

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Bridal Special Mehndi Design Rs 9,000 Book Now
Mehndi on Hand (One Side ) Rs 500 Book Now
Mehndi on Hand (Two Side ) Rs 950 Book Now
Mehndi on Full Arms (One Side) Rs 900 Book Now
Mehndi on Full Arms (Two Side) Rs 1700 Book Now
Mehndi on Half Arm ( One Side) Rs 600 Book Now
Mehndi on Half Arm ( Two Side) Rs 950 Book Now
Mehndi on Feet Rs 600 Book Now

Best Mehndi Wali at Home 

Beautician has the most skilled beauticians in the business. You can get any design that you like. To make you feel relaxed and happy, we offer henna services with amazing designs you can also instruct the mehndi wali on the designs of your choice and she will not disappoint you in applying the same design to your hands or feet you can also talk about mehndi with your Mehndi artist.
All Pakistan brides can use our bridal mehndi and bridal makeup service at home. We have all the equipment you need so there's no need to worry. Our beauticians can also fill your arms with henna to create stunning designs. Because they are also taught how to freestyle. It is therefore not difficult to do a mehndi design for the bride. Also, get some beautiful designs on bridal feet as our staff is well-trained and knows numerous styles to apply. You can get bridal foot mehndi design from Beautician in different packages.

Our Strict Policies

We ensure maximum safety due to the Corona Virus pandemic and multiple arising waves. All members of our team will be wearing full-body masks, gloves, and surgical caps. Our staff will make sure to sanitize their hands and all of the equipment they are going to use to provide you services. After use, all of these items will be thrown away. They will also have extra items such as sanitizers or masks. You don't have to be concerned because the beautician will follow all of the SOPs. As well as, the good part is that our staff is fully vaccinated as we prefer following Covid-19 protocols to avoid any inconvenience.

The Fast Booking Process

Book your appointment to receive illuminating designs by the famous mehndi artist in Pakistan. You will only need to give us a phone call to tell us what offer you are interested in. We will also ask you questions regarding your availability.
Our beauticians will need to know your name, address, phone number, and preferred date and time. Once we have confirmed everything, we will call you back an hour before we arrive at your home to confirm. You will only need to give your space so that our beauticians can use the equipment easily. 


There are several ways you can keep your mehndi last long for several day like applying Vicks or eucalyptus oil for 3-4 hours. You can also keep the mehndi for whole night long and this can strengthen the color of your mehndi and help you achieve the desired look. To know more about the same, you can always consider connecting with the experts in our team. We will guide you with the steps that can regarding the same.

There are several ways with which you can get rid of the henna allergy you might be facing. You can consider opting for apricot or brown sugar as it helps in the process of minimizing the allergy effect and help you with quicker recovery. You can also consider using antibiotics that can assist recover from the respective damage. To know more, you can always consider connecting with the experts in our team and we are going to take care of it.

You need to check by applying a small amount of mehndi on your hand. If the end result is itching and irritation, then this shows that you are allergic to the respective product. So, it is important that you avoid the same at all cost. You can let the experts know about the same so that they can help you with the Mehndi services keeping the same in mind and help you with no issues after the service has been provided.

You need to keep the mehendi for at least 2 to 6 hours to strengthen the color of the same and enhance the chances of achieving the desired look without any hassle. This means that the longer you leave the henna, the better the chances are of experiencing better result. You can always consider taking assistance of our experts to know more about the same and enhance the chances of better outcome.

Generally, it has been seen that black henna tattoos are the reason behind the allergic reaction. The primary reason behind is its ingredient p-phenylenediamine that causes maximum allergies. So, you must consider avoiding the same at all costs. You can always connect with our experts and know more about it to have an experience without any kind of side-effects. We ensure that the product used is as per your specifications that is safe and secure to use.

There are several ways with which you can get rid of the mehndi colour in a matter of a day and few of them are 1. Exfoliate Your Skin · 2. Use Lemon · 3. Use Baking Soda · 4. Use Antibacterial Soap · 5. Bleach Your Skin · 6. Use Toothpaste. If you are still looking for the assistance regarding the same, then you can consider connecting with the experts providing mehndi service at home. We guide you with the best possible steps for the same.

Yes, you can sleep when mehndi is applied. But, make sure that your sleeping position is such that the design is not disturbed in any which way. If you can take care of the respective issue, then definitely you can consider taking a nap during the time of mehndi process and afterwards as well. To know more, you can always consider taking the assistance of our experts providing mehndi service at home.

For the bride, the entire the mehndi work can be done without taking much of your time but it also depends on the design you select. Generally it has been seen that the entire process can from two to six hours. You can specify us about the design and time you have in your hand and accordingly we are going to help you with the services that can help you achieve the desired look without any delay.

Yes! We are providing at home services. You just need to book your appointment on our online platform and the experts are going to be at your place keeping every bit of it in mind. The experts are going to understand the kind of mehndi services you are looking for and then help you with the same keeping every bit of it in mind. So, with us, you can have your mehndi needs covered just the way you want at your doorstep.

We all know how mehndi is generally done a day before the big event but it is essential that you can get the same done at least 2 to 3 days before the event. It helps you get the right color of your mehndi design during the time of event. The longer it stays, the more it strengthens its color. To know more, you can get your appointment fixed with our team and we are going to help you with the same.

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