Waxing? Of course, many painful memories are attached to this name but the after result is always worth it. The soft and glamourous skin that you feel after waxing boosts the confidence and it makes you flawless. Considering the fact how painful and harsh waxing can get, many companies have introduced different kinds of ways for waxing that are less painful and can give the same soft skin. 
Many people due to the reason of waxing being aching and hurtful, opt for ways like shaving parts of their body. This is more harmful for your skin and cause many inconveniences such as think hair growth, itchy and irritating skin, redness and even breakouts. But if waxing at home is painful and shaving is harmful what is the best way for hair removal? This question will be answered in our article below, while shaving being out of the solution, we will talk about the latest wax in cosmetology industry known as fruit Rica wax and how it works better or worse in comparison with hot wax. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hot Wax

Hot wax has been used for hair removal from the longest of time. It is still being used as a successful technique in many saloons and beauty parlors. A lot of females prefer this technique as it works best for them. It is made from the simplest of ingredients which are sugar and honey, but it does include some chemicals as well to improve its expiry period. Those chemicals can be harmful for some of the females and can make their skin to break out which can be really disappointing and painful. However, for those for whom this wax works best, it can help them with stopping ingrowth of hair and give out a soothing and hydrated skin and completely hair free. For sensitive or small areas this wax can work best for everyone. It is not best for those who have sensitive skin as it can cause bumps and redness. It does not stick to the hair that well which makes the pulling out process extremely painful. For some people it might take a number of attempts on the same area to remove hair completely and this can really rip off your skin and that scar can remain on your skin for days and days. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fruit Rica Wax

Fruit Rica Waxing comes from the region of Italy and is introduced by a company called Rica. To make the waxing experience less painful and for more satisfying results this wax was brought into the market. It has been very successful, and it easily got popular in different groups of people. Its two main ingredients are vegetable oils and resin extracts. Being completely organic and natural with only a few preservatives, this wax has been deemed to be magical for people with sensitive skin. Its process is smooth, and it removes even the stubborn hair on your body in one time application. It slows the growth of hair which means you would not have to spend money on waxing every single month. It is suitable for all skin types and is available in different variants such as strawberry and green apple. Rica wax has a beautiful smell and the after effect of smooth and beauty smell skin can be a very soothing experience. The only main disadvantage of this wax is that it is expensive and many people can not afford to avail this service.