Foundation is the most important aspect of your makeup look and it will create an amazing look only if it is applied properly. There are multiple ways how you can apply your foundation and there are still numerous techniques that are coming out. The tasks and the look that you prefer will account for the type of application for your foundation. However, one of the best kinds of applications that you can get is from salon services at homeThere are other things that you need to have into consideration such as your skin tone. 


For a smoother application, there are other things that you will need to go through and these will be determined by the look that you want to achieve. Therefore, if you want to achieve a flawless and airbrushed look, then here is how you can get this.


Prep your Skin 


You need to take care of your skin and for this, you will need to have a cleanser. This should be water-based and it should also be gentle on the skin. This will remove all of the dead skin cells from your face and make it smoother so that the foundation goes on smoothly as well as creates an even layer. It is important to ensure that your skin is right and supple as well before you go through the application process. 


After prepping your skin, you will need to apply a thin layer of your moisturizer on your face and spread it around evenly. If you have eye cream, then you can do that as well. After you have added your moisturizer, you should add your primer as this will help the makeup to last longer. The foundation will go on smoother and it will also get away with any bumps and uneven application. 


The Different Ways of Applying Foundation 


There are different techniques you can use to get the right kind of application. The first way is by using a foundation brush. This is used by a ton of people, most of them like to apply the foundation directly onto the face and then use the brush to spread the foundation and make an even coating. The brush should be round and fluffy and it should not absorb all of the foundations because it needs to go within your skin. 


Beauty Blender 


Using a beauty blender to apply your foundation is another method. This is used by first gathering the beauty blender and putting it in water until it becomes twice its size. Then, you will squeeze out the water and use it to apply your foundation. Here, there are options of straight applying the foundation on your face or on the back of your hand. The sponge will give you a smooth application as you need to dab the sponge, not rub it into your skin. Rubbing it into your skin will create strokes which will be an uneven layer. 




There is now a newer way of adding your foundation and this is through the use of a spatula. The spatula is a long stick that applies foundation on your skin evenly across. Hence, you will not have to worry about it giving an uneven layer. However, you might have to use a beauty blender, brush, or your fingers to get the foundation everywhere. 


If you are going to an event then you can always opt for makeup services at home. The beauticians will do a better job in creating a wonderful look and will choose the right kind of foundation for you as well as an application to give you a grand finish.