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Body Waxing Service Faisalabad

Admirable Waxing At Home Service In Faisalabad

Everyone deserves glowing, smooth skin every once in a while. Beautician can help you achieve silky soft skin. Beautician has made waxing at home service in Faisalabad easy for you. We wanted to make it easy for all ladies to have soft, supple skin within their own comfort zones. We offer a Faisalabad at-home waxing service.

Body Waxing - Don't Forget to Get Body Wax Before Going Out

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Service Price Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Body Rs 4000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Bikini Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Stomach Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Back Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Underarms Rs 400 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Arms Rs 850 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Legs Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Legs Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Body Rs 3,000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Bikini Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Stomach Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Back Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Underarms Rs 300 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Legs Rs 1250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Arms Rs 250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Legs Rs 500 Book Now
Full Face Hot Wax Rs 750 Book Now
Per Part Threading/ Hot Wax Rs 150 Book Now

Matchless Waxing Hair Removal Service in Faisalabad

There are many options to choose from. Our beauticians can come to you with all the necessary supplies to remove unwanted hair from your face and body. You will only need to provide a space for them to set up their equipment when they arrive. There will be no worries after that. Our beauticians are all professionals who have been trained to do a successful job. They will not make you feel unsatisfied or uncomfortable.

We Take Strict Precautionary Steps

All of us have agreed that the pandemic limited our ability to get a magical glow. Beautician has the ability to restore your youthful glow. We also take strict Covid-19 safety precautions. We always have a full box of sanitary products with us, including a spray, sanitizer, and gloves. We are proud to be able to offer waxing services in some of the most popular places in Faisalabad. However, we want to keep our customers and ourselves safe while providing the best possible experience. You don't have to be anxious about booking appointments. Beautician makes it easy for our customers to find everything they need. You will only need to call us to tell us what waxing service you want, your address, preferred time and day, and we'll be there in no time.

Royal Waxing Hair Removal Service Faisalabad

Our luxurious hair removal services will enable you to remove any unwanted hair that you desire to be gone. We believe that making you feel strong and confident is the most important thing. We have the best deals for you. Because it removes all hair, our full-body waxing service in Faisalabad is a popular choice. You will also get the best results if you know how to do it. Our experts are familiar with all the tricks and tips to do face waxing to make your skin soft while removing any hair. Our beauticians are skilled in waxing and will ensure that your skin is completely smooth.

All Our Popular Waxes

We are proud to offer the Rica wax, which is one of the most sought-after waxes. This wax is great for all skin types. Our Rica wax is suitable for all skin types, including oily, normal, and dry. We also offer facial waxing. We have all the equipment you need to remove all hair from your face. If you are looking for a relaxing and refreshing way to remove hair, body wax is a great choice. Book any kind of salon services at home in Faisalabad without wasting your time.


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