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Body Waxing Service Gujranwala

Nothing Is More Satisfying Than A Waxing Experience At Home!

Preparations for the perfect summer body have stepped in! There's nothing more relaxing than having a hair-free, smooth body and cherishing it for 3-4 weeks straight. Get rid of all the rigid, in-grown hair on your body, legs, and arms by opting for full body waxing service in Gujranwala. Beautician’s ab ghar per now provides home service of natural and chemical-free waxing to avoid trouble afterward.While going to a salon for waxing isn't as friendly for many of us! Thus keeping in mind the privacy and relaxation concerns, technology has gifted us with remarkable body wax service at home. A cut short way to enjoy satisfactory hair removal at home! Read ahead to know more about our salon services at home in Gujranwala.


Body Waxing - Don't Forget to Get Body Wax Before Going Out

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Fruit Rica - Full Body Rs 4000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Bikini Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Stomach Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Back Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Underarms Rs 400 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Arms Rs 850 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Legs Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Legs Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Body Rs 3,000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Bikini Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Stomach Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Back Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Underarms Rs 300 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Legs Rs 1250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Arms Rs 250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Legs Rs 500 Book Now
Full Face Hot Wax Rs 750 Book Now
Per Part Threading/ Hot Wax Rs 150 Book Now

Convenient Waxing At Home Service In Gujranwala

With the festive season and events just around the corner, there is hardly any way of finding a place to remove unwanted hair at a salon. Even if you do, there is a long waiting line ahead of you. Want to know what's better? Well, avoid all these hassles by booking yourself waxing services with us. We have on board a team of expert beauticians who are well trained for waxing at-home service in Gujranwala. Unlike many salons that just aim to get done with the clients, Beauticians ab ghar per take care of pre-waxing, waxing, and post-waxing care essentials as well. Want to know what's best? Despite offering mainstream waxing services, we offers a range of specialized categories as per the distinct needs of women.

Types Of Waxing Hair Removal Services In Gujranwala

When it comes to the wax service provider, it's known that you can't just trust anybody! Having that said, our expert team offers you the word of trust and experience to provide the safest and most reliable experience at home. Our trained experts are well informed of the techniques to pull the hair, such that they don’t leave behind scars or ingrown hairs at all! At Beautician's, we offer a variety of waxing services, ranging from face waxing, and eyebrows, to pubic hair and bikini wax services. Our female staff knows how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while they deliver their best!
Let professional beauticians handle the mess for you. Want to book an appointment? Head to our website and select a variety of waxing services including Rica wax or sugar wax etc. Select your desired date and time of service and prepare to relax until the beautician reaches your doorstep.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from all the aforementioned reasons, our staff is all vaccinated yet abides by the safety protocols to ensure maximum comfort. For maximum comfort of our clients, hygiene, privacy, and a friendly environment are what we strive for!


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