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Waxing has become a major trend these days which is why now customers can easily avail of our majestic offer of waxing at home service in Multan. Beauticians is a professional salon that offers numerous different elements all throughout Multan. Therefore, no matter where you are residing, we will be able to come to you in no time. We are reachable in the whole of Multan because of our expertise. Therefore, you will not have to worry about anything because we provide the best services out there for everything. 

Body Waxing - Don't Forget to Get Body Wax Before Going Out

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Service Price Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Body Rs 4000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Bikini Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Stomach Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Back Waxing Rs 1000 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Underarms Rs 400 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Arms Rs 850 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Full Legs Rs 1,350 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Fruit Rica - Half Legs Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Body Rs 3,000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Bikini Rs 1000 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Stomach Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Back Waxing Rs 800 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Underarms Rs 300 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Arms Rs 450 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Full Legs Rs 1250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Arms Rs 250 Book Now
Sugar & Honey - Half Legs Rs 500 Book Now
Full Face Hot Wax Rs 750 Book Now
Per Part Threading/ Hot Wax Rs 150 Book Now

A Wide Range of Waxing Provided By Our Professional Beauticians

No matter what type of wax you are looking for, we are able to do it. Our beauticians are matchless and they have been trained professionally to give you full body waxing service in Multan. Our booking process is also easy as you will just have to give us a call and tell us about what you have in mind. Next, our beautician will ask you about your desired date, time, and waxing option. She will also further ask about your skin type so that she is bringing in the right set of products. 

Quick Waxing Hair Removal Service In Multan

Customers need to get things done on time which is why we are here to present to you an efficient body wax. We use the best type of wax so that your skin is soft, supple, and free of hair after our treatment. Therefore, you can easily rely on us to give you the best waxing treatment in the whole of Multan. We are keen when it comes to ensuring the protection of our staff and customers which is why we are always strictly following the rules and regulations of Covid-19. Hence, you will see our staff in a complete uniform wearing masks and gloves. 
Therefore, now you can easily remove unwanted hair from your own comfort zone by availing of our offer. We are always on our toes and upgrading our wax selection to meet the best for all skin types. Therefore, the wax we use is Rica wax. This is one of the best waxes and we ensure that all our customers are comfortable with it before we start. Hence, we give customers a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to waxing. If you are also looking forward to having face waxing, then we excel at that as well. Hence, contact us right now to get the best waxing service in Multan. 


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