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Hair Treatment Multan

A Convenient Way of Hair Treatment At Home In Multan

Hair care is as much important as skin care. Women are nowadays taking much care to protect their hair from any damage. This may be because their hair is partially damaged and now they don't want them destroyed. There are times when they need to get hair treatments for a better look. Nowadays, women avoid going to hair salons and getting expensive hair treatments. Well, now you don't have to worry much as now you can get Hair Treatment at Home in Multan easily by Beauticians. 

Hair Treatment - You Can Change Your Whole Attitude by Changing Your Hair Color.

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Service Price Book Now
Haircut Rs 2,500 Book Now
Child Haircut (Below 6 Year Old) Rs 1,200 Book Now
Hair Trimming Rs 1,200 Book Now
Hairstyle Rs 2,500 Book Now
Child Hairstyle Rs 1000 Book Now
Hair Dye Application Only (Client's Dye) Rs 1000 Book Now
Blowdry Rs 2,500 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Neck & Shoulder Length Hair - Rs 15,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Medium Back Length Hair - Rs 18,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Waist Length Hair - Rs 25,000 Book Now
Hair Protein Treatment / Keratin Treatment / Hair Rebonding Hips Length Hair Rs 30,000 Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Shoulder Length - Rs 18,000 With Base / Rs 16,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Medium Length - Rs 25,000 With Base / Rs 23,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Waist Length - Rs 30,000 With Base / Rs 28,000 Without Base Book Now
Hair Streaking - Lowlight & Highlight (Time: 4 to 6 Hours) Hips Length - Rs 35,000 With Base / Rs 33,000 Without Base Book Now

Best Hair Salon In Multan At Your Home In Minutes

Women often don't want to spend a whole day in hair salons and wait for their turn to get the service. Well, to avoid that, why not bring the salon to your home? Beauticians is the Best Hair Treatment Salon in Multan that you can get at your home easily. We have different hair treatment packages that you can choose from as per your preferences. You can also have a consulting session with our hair professionals who will guide you on the best treatment for you. 
If you have frizzy and dull hair, our company offers Keratin Hair Treatment at Home. With this, you will have shiny and smooth hair that you can flaunt anywhere after getting the service in Multan. Moreover, if you don't want to get this treatment, then you have a choice of getting Protein Treatment for Hair at Home. This treatment will make your hair silky smooth for a long time if you take much care of them afterward. 

Know About Other Treatments for Your Damaged Hair

You don't have to step out of your house when you have Beauticians to serve you as we are the Best Hair Salon in Multan for Ladies. If you have fully damaged hair, then what do you do? Some women prefer using hair oils and good-quality shampoos and conditioners. But what if nothing gets better by using them? Here at Beauticians, you will find a huge variety of hair repairing treatments for yourself in Multan. We offer amazing deals for Rebonding Hair that you can get to make your hair smooth and silky. Other than that, if you want different options like Extenso Hair Treatment, then our professional team can do that to get you a wonderful hair texture.
Moreover, there are times when women face a lot of hair fall problems. For this, you can have Hair Fall Treatment at Home as we use authentic and imported products. This way, you will have an amazing hair texture and you don't have to face hair fall for a long time.

We Also Offer Hairstyles for Your Glamorous Look

Other than Hair Treatment Services, Beauticians have much-experienced home service providers who know a lot of hairstyles and are professional in their field. So what are you waiting for? Get marvelous Hair Styling Services from our skilled workers to get a stunning look on every occasion. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, or any other event, just let our hair stylist know about it and get amazing hairstyles to look beautiful. 
Other than that, we provide amazing Party Hairstyles that will perfectly match your personality. You can even get the hairstyle of your choice if you are going somewhere or even if you are a bride. Yes! We also offer elegant Mehndi Hairstyles and Bridal Hairstyle of any kind that you can get instantly without getting late. So, now you don't have to go to the Hair Salon in Multan as you can get this service for you and your guests by sitting at your home. 

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We are professional hair treatment service providers in Multan including Healthy Hair Treatment at Home and Keratin Treatment Services. All you have to do is wait a little bit but not too much as we offer our services in almost all famous multiple areas of Multan. We have certified staff with Covid-19 Training that is fully vaccinated. They even sanitize all hair care products and equipment before initiating services. Book your appointment for services now by contacting our company via email or by calling us.


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